journal for 2002-10-01

forget cardiff

I just finished watching Forget Paris. It was an OK movie, I guess, but it really did seem a bit uninspired. Did someone just see Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally and try to create a knock-off? I wonder if Billy thought that Forget Paris was a really good, original film. It could be!

Work, today, was ho-hum. We had a big “global IT strategy” meeting, and it was fairly interesting, although nothing earth-shaking was discussed. For lunch, we hit the Carvery, which is kind of like a buffet. You get your choice of freshly-carved meat (I had turkey) and vegetables. It’s kind of like a miniature Thanksgiving dinner, I guess. I skipped dinner, which was a good idea. I’m still not hungry. Maybe I can get into more of a pattern like this.

After work, the boss and I came straight back to the hotel. After an hour or two of hanging around our rooms, we went to the “leisure complex” to try and burn off some of our lunch. Trevor suggested we do this with squash. He apparently played a good bit of raquetball in college, and I played it a few times in high school.

Squash is not raquetball!

There were some differences: the raquets are different, the court isn’t a complete enclosure, and then there’s the ball. The ball is smaller, which isn’t a big deal. The big deal is, the ball is really squooshy. Now, I’m not yet sure if that’s intention. I certainly didn’t want to reveal my ignorance by asking! Anyway, the squooshiness of the ball made it pretty impossible to play the game using any of my questionable raquetball skills. Even with a good hard slam, the ball barely had any momentum when it rebounded from the wall. I worked up a sweat, despite our relative inability. (By “relative inability,” I mean “total lack of any skill whatsoever.”) It made me think, again, that I should really try tennis or raquetball sometime soon. Also, I should find out if we just got a bum ball. That would stink.

Now it’s probably time for me to turn in. I’ve figured out how to dial the US from these phones, so I’ll give Gloria another ring and then hit the sack.

Written on October 1, 2002