journal for 2002-09-22


Ok, I’m actually writing this on Monday morning, because I was pretty beat when I turned in, last night. Deal.

We did our laundry early Sunday morning and played some Animal Crossing. I called the second landlord, who said the first had just told him about the leak in our closet. He says he’ll talk to the roofer Real Soon, but I’m not holding my breath. I don’t know whether the roof will really collapse if there’s more heavy rain, but it certainly isn’t getting any better. I’ll have to give him a call again on Wednesday and make clear that we will not stand for living in an apartment with a hole in the roof.

We hit the Greek food festival again for lunch, and we both got gyros this time. They were way good.

After lunch, John came by and we played some Nintendo and chilled out. We played a full match of Monkey Tennis, which is a rad, addictive game. We unlocked Dogfight, too, and it’s kinda fun. I think it needs more players. With two players, we always ended up with “hunter” and “hunted,” instead of “total missile-firing chaos.”

We went out to Easton for Indian food dinner (it was really good) and then came back to the house, where John was given his first, free hit of the heroin that is Animal Crossing. He made a pretty boss pattern for his shirt, and sent no letters. I’m wondering how the animals will respond if he’s only around very rarely. I’m trying to convince him to get his own Cube so we can visit each others’ towns.

Once John took off, I got in a quick fix of AX, in which I mostly just sold a few fish and made a pattern. I was too tired to write any letters.

That was about it for Sunday! Oh, and I finished reading Hounds of the Baskervilles, which was darn good. I sure do like me some Sherlock Holmes. I’m thinking I might try to read some Agatha Christie on the trip, since it’s been suggested that she might be a female author I’ll like. That’d be a first, or at least rare.

Written on September 22, 2002