journal for 2002-09-20

animal crossing

Gloria is hardcore. She’s writing a letter to every one of the animals. We’ve got about fifteen animals in the village right now, and Gloria doesn’t write skimpy letters. She uses just about all of her ink, and is pretty mindful of what the animals have been up to.

I’m more slovenly about it, which may be why so many of the animals have been showing me her letters and telling me how great she is. For now, I’m more concerned about redecorating and paying off my mortgage. Also, town beautification and crop cultivation take a good part of my time.

Tomorrow, Totakeke will be back, and I’m going to try to get him to play some Ska. It’s also the harvest festival, and I’m going to try to run into Pete so I can ask him about his love life. Copper is interested.

You know, if these were real life events, they’d be boring. I have no idea what it is that makes them addictive and fun. Who am I to argue?


Work today was so-so. I had a meeting in which we discussed the Stuff I’ll Do In Cardiff. It was unpleasant. Thinking about the prospect of further implementing the ERP system makes my stomach crawl. It’s like staring into the abyss or pulling at the edges of a belly wound. I guess I’ll know in about a week whether I really have to go. Maybe I should be rooting for the implementation’s success, but I think it’s nobler to root for The Right Thing. I just don’t think this is it. Still, mine is not to question why…

…but if that’s the case, then I did A Bad Thing today. I wrote an open memo explaining that it’s Development’s duty to help the rest of the company make informed choices when they pick software solutions. I don’t think that’s been happening, and I think it needs to be brought to light. God knows I don’t want to spend my future days normalizing databases that were built by people who really should’ve known better.

I did a little more work on Vicki (VICI? I’m not sure which spelling to use. Vicki might be clearer.), but not a lot. I’m hoping I can get it into an alpha-testable stage before I leave. Once I get that in place, change can really start to snowball. I might be able to get this system so slick that everyone will fight its replacement—especially since its replacement will be a lumbering horror.

Written on September 20, 2002