journal for 2002-09-17


Today was a good work day. I put aside the things I’d been working on, because they were going nowhere, and picked up an ancient initiative I had to fix part of our intensely annoying production database. I spent a third of my day walking around the building getting engineers to agree to things and a third mocking up the things to which they were agreeing. (The remaining third was spent on trivia.)

By the end of the day, I’d cobbled together a simple summary document that can replace one of our hugely complex, balkanized document sets. It means that I can de-balkanize the database front-end, which means a much easier time of maintaining things. This could be a good major first step toward getting this database into such a shape that it can actually be fixed and, eventually, extended.

animal crossing

I picked up Animal Crossing for keeps, today. I was tempted to pick up the e-Reader, too, but that’s money that can go toward The Camera Fund! I played just a bit, and found out that my bill for the addition of a basement was pretty reasonable. Unfortunately, the next rennovation (“something more major,” Tom said) is having my roof painted. WTF!

Nothing exciting went on in town, although there’s another new animal, Teddy the bear. I gave all the men in town spade shirts, and Teddy moved in wearing a club shirt. I figure it’s time to organize a gang war.

Written on September 17, 2002