journal for 2002-09-08

animal crossing

Wuh, so get this: Gloria and I went to Hollywood Video to pick up some movies for the watching. (We got Blade II, Imposter, and something else, which I can’t recall.) I’d been thinking I should try Beach Spikers and a few of the other recent titles, so I said, “Let’s hit Blockbuster before we go home.” Hollywood has the worst selection of games you can imagine, for GameCube.

At Blockbuster, I found Animal Crossing on the shelf. Animal Crossing! Apparently, said the manager, there is an exclusive deal between Blockbuster and NOA, and Blockbuster can rent the title early. I called EBX, and they said they can’t sell for another week. (I don’t know whether they actually have any stock yet.)

So, of course, I rented the game! I played for about ninety minutes and, when saving, realized that I couldn’t pick to which card I wanted to save! Then, worse, I couldn’t move the saved game! Sigh. I know that Eric, Shawn, John and I (at least) will probably mail our towns around for visiting, so I’m not eager to have my AX data on my normal Memory Card 251. I bit my lip and deleted the game, and started over. (I only played long enough in the new game to save, basically. It was late!)

The game is pretty darn fun, although no one exaggerated how crappy the graphics are. The sound is fine, but the graphics are just terrible. I hope that there is an AX2 someday, and that it looks good. I can even live without online play, as I can see reasons to avoid it; I just think that a game this promising shouldn’t be so ugly!

other stuff

We spent most of our day at my parents’, hanging out. Gloria looked for music she can sing at the auditions for the touring company of Hairspray, and she did some singing and piano playing. I am very psyched for her to audition! Even if she isn’t cast, a first [professional] audition is a first audition! Also, if she gets cast, she can (a) quit her unfulfilling job and (b) get me free tickets to a musical with her in it! Booyah!

While we were at the rents’, my dad lent/gave me one of his nine hundred scanners. I haven’t tried it out under Linux yet, but I’ll see if I can find out anything about it. It’s a Visioneer PhotoPort 7700USB; from what I know of the brand, my heart isn’t full of hope, but hey! It might work. I’ll talk to mdxi, who (I think) knows more about Linux scanning than I.

I’m still not feeling sleepy, but it’s nearly midnight. I really need to try to sleep. I don’t think my body wants less sleep, it just wants to get up later, which won’t go over too well at work! Sigh.

Written on September 8, 2002