journal for 2002-09-05


In his writing about what Cobalt would do, mdxi mentioned some new calendar formats that CoR2 would handle. I got a little bored, today, and implemented them in Debug. I did a little poking at making an alternative entry template, but it’s not so great. I imagine that it’ll look just awful under MSIE… and a little testing proves it. Jeez.

John: gosh, can you imagine a m$ product design meeting? RJBS: When I try to imagine it, I just think, “No one could be that evil.”

I feel like, if CSS2 has been around since ‘96, and MS still barely supports any of it, when the hell are they going to support CSS3 and XForms and XHTML2 when they come out? It’s depressing, or at least frustrating!

On a lighter note, I’m mostly done writing a “fun” new style, OJ.


Only one shine get today. I’m stuck on all (almost) Secret Cave Himitsu levels, which are pretty killer. I’m getting pretty good at getting near the shine, but not quite to it. I’m eager to get sixty shines, which is, I think, when I can get sunglasses. Sadly, I don’t think they do anything for me. Maybe I’ll never actually finish SMS, much like I never finished… um. Well, I know there’s some N64 game I have that I could never beat, and it bugged me. Of course, I never can beat Smash Brother’s hard settings to get the top secrets. Fortunately, the top secrets never really impressed me.

Written on September 5, 2002