journal for 2002-09-03

monkey ball

I played some more Monkey Ball today, getting my point balance up to 1200 or so. Utterly exhausted with Challenge mode (and stuck in Story mode), I said, “Gloria, it’s time for you to play Monkey Ball. It is your duty.”

And she did!

She actually got further in Story mode than I’ve gotten, which was mildly humbling. She went from nervous to ass-kicking very quickly)! After about two hours, she’d racked up over 1600 points! We unlocked Monkey Boat, which was really weird and not immediately much fun. I’m hoping that, with a little time, it’ll become easier to play and therefore enjoy.

I’m hoping this marks the beginning of a good enjoyment (read: mild addiction) of MB2 on Gloria’s part. Who couldn’t use more Monkey Balls in his (her) life?

Written on September 3, 2002