it's my birthday!

Yay me!

So, I’m twenty-four, now. Eh!

Gloria gave me a teeny fridge today, which will soon live in my office at work and hold breakfast and lunch at a cool 40 degrees F. Yesterday, she gave me the Criterion DVD of RoboCop. I watched the first twenty minutes or so, and it was as sweet as I remembered. We went out for a drink with John and Tracie last night, and they both openly admitted to never having seen RoboCop! Once Cobalt’s MMU parser is released for eval, I’ll put up my old college RoboCop paper as an essay and see how it goes.

We’ll go out for breakfast soon, and then hopefully relax much of the day, and finally head out for a late supper at the Apollo Grill, a tasty local restaurant.

more than meets the eye

I was considering some of the things I’d wanted for my birthday. Among them was the DVD set of the Transformers first season. I really like the Transformers—I never had many of the original toys, and I’m not one of those scary obsessed fans, but I enjoyed Transformers a lot. I got to looking at some of the current Transformers toys, and they’re pathetic.

The original toys were metal, and they looked like robots or vehicles, depending on how you transformed them. They didn’t look like crappy plastic cars with arms—that was the Go-Bots. Well, now Transformers suck, too. Consider Optimus Prime, the brave leader of the Autobots.

[[o s:optimus_robot [[o s:optimus_truck

Then consider the current toy on sale as “him.” Awful! This works for Ultra Magnus, too. On a side note, image googling for “optimus prime” turns up some crazy stuff.


There was a coupon in the paper for a 20% discount at Borders. We went over there and I picked up some books. I got an Excel VBA reference for work; it’s the second edition of the one I have, so I know it’ll be decent. (It’s also from O’Reilly, which helps. I picked another O’Reilly book, this one the ancient Managing Projects with Make. The book is so old that it has instructions for retrieving the samples via FTPMAIL, BITNET, and UUCP. I tried to use the FTPMAIL instructions, but nothing has happened, so far.

Written on July 20, 2002