journal for 2002-06-09


I think I ate way too much this weekend. Yesterday I had a huge (but excellent) brunch, ice cream, and pizza. Today, a WaWa greasy sausage McBiscuit, a cheese steak (with eggplant fries, which were really pretty good), and a light dinner. It doesn’t sound like too much, I suppose, but I’m used to having less in a day.

Fortunately, I did manage to go out biking today, and did about seventeen miles. I came within about an inch of killing a squirrel, and probably only managed to avoid it because I anticipated its stupidity and jammed on my breaks. Squirrel parents need to take time to teach their children that when something is barrelling down on them, the need to run away in one direction as quickly as they can. Instead, squirrels always seem to double back when fleeing, leading to a lot of senseless loss of life.

I actually really like squirrels. They have a sort of noble look about them. I’ve been feeding our local dray peanuts, but there’s no good place near our windows to leave food, so I can’t do much to lure them to hang out with me. That’s probably good, since I guess they wouldn’t be much fun.


Yet Another Pointless Debug Upgrade: Debug now generates its own calendars. It used to ask the standard UNIX utility cal(1) to generate them, and used that output to form the HTML calendar. This upgrade is pretty pointless, but makes Debug Windows-friendly—hardly a selling point.

I had wanted to write some C this weekend, but I just didn’t feel concentrated enough. Instead, I did a lot of reading in the Rhino Book. I’m starting to think that JavaScript isn’t evil, just abused. I can’t even begin to tell you how much more I dislike Microsoft, every time I read about one more thing that they intentionally implemented against the spec.

Tomorrow, I’ll try and have a nice, relaxing day at work, and I’ll write some more JavaScript to let me finish D1m11 of MASH. My boss’s new boss starts on Monday, and although he’ll be stationed in Wales, I expect we’ll hear from (or at least about) him. With that in mind, I’d rather not be all worked up about something codey and complicated.

For now, though, sleep.

Written on June 9, 2002