journal for 2002-05-25


I finished the Debug work I’d wanted to do this morning, while Gloria was working out. The tokens I’m using for content are starting to get a little silly, so I really do need to try to move to a really simple XML format, I think. Time will tell.

Changes probably aren’t apparent on the outside, although images are more flexible, now. If you look at the May 6th entry, you’ll see that the images no longer link to themselves—that was a little irksome.

Since that went so quickly, I threw together a little hack to countdown to upcoming events. My friend John has a MINI countdown to the delivery of his new car, and I figured I’d do the same for the games I ordered. I made it a little more flexible than that, though, and I’ve populated it with a few things that are coming up. So, if you’re bored, you can see a list of things for which I’m waiting.


I had a good Saturday. I got the “my choice” flavor stamped on my tour, today, and have only two flavors left. “My choice” was Ultimate Peanut Butter. The Hedgehog has a map on the wall, with pins and strings leading out to photos of their branded t-shirt taken abroad. I brought in some photos my dad took of the shirt in Scotland. Perhaps because of this, my serving of ice cream was absolutely huge, and I could barely finish it. I actually threw a small scoopful into the trash so I would have room for the cone.

Later, Gloria, John, and I went out to see Insomnia. The movie was pretty good, although it wasn’t as good as Memento, the director’s previous work. After the movie we cruised over to Easton for dinner at a place that Gloria and I hadn’t tried yet. It was good, and I ate way too much chicken vindaloo.

After John headed home, I did a little more tweaking to the countdown script and wrote this. Now, I’m heading to bed to relax, digest food, and possibly read some more Sherlock.

Written on May 25, 2002