journal for 2002-05-24


I’m trying to get back into riding my bike regularly. Last year, I was pretty good about going out and doing about ten miles, most days of the week. I’m trying to do at least that, this year, but I’m failing. I managed to do a good twelve miles, or so, yesterday. Mostly, though, I’ve been working later than I mean to; then, when I’m done, I just want to go home and vegetate. Today, for example, I actually arranged to be out by 14:00—then I made a quick check to ensure that I wasn’t needed anymore, and wound up spending an hour and a half watching terrifying office politics.


I feel, lately, like there is a dark cloud hovering over my workplace, and that there will soon be a lot of lightning striking. I’m hoping that when it’s all over, my position will remain untouched. There’s been talk of moving my office – which is only really disturbing when it involves putting me in the already overcrowded IT room or in the often busy ERP-testing room. I suppose, though, that being moved is better than being downsized.

Still, I’d rather they just give me a raise and leave it at that. I’m not making any bets on that, though.


I didn’t go to E3. I didn’t plan on it, or anything, but I imagine that it was Amazingly Fun. Even so, I was overpowered by the awesome, awesome images that came forth from the expo, and I have preordered four of the five games I want. (The fourth isn’t yet available from EBX, although I know they said it was, last time I was there. Whatever.) Mario Sunshine, the first out, looks only mostly cool. Then comes Animal Crossing, which I’m expecting to be sickly addicting. Then Super Monkey Ball 2, Metroid Prime, and Zelda. All of these, I think, will be righteous.

I’ve been considering picking up a Game Boy, and looked at them at EBX tonight. They’ll be on sale next week, so I’ll take until then to decide. The GBA itself isn’t the most exciting thing, but I want to try out the GameCube-Game Boy links from some of the new GCN games.


I published the existence of this journal in, who promptly listed it, severely misspelled. I don’t really imagine it will drive up my hits, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. It’s not that I’m interested in having my journal widely read – after all, its content is admittedly uninspiring—it’s just that if I know people are reading it, I think I’ll feel more compelled to continue writing. If only I could apply that kind of attack to my prose and coding.


Speaking of coding, I won a minor victory at work, this week, getting two of my larger projects licensed under the GPL. Neither is even close to being ready for distribution, but I’m hoping that over the next few weeks I can clean them up and make them portable to postgresql. I’m not too concerned with having a working helpdesk (for obvious reasons), but I wouldn’t mind having a project manager. It would give me a way to replace my current projects page with something a little more helpful.

And, on a related note, I think Debug is going to get its next bit of work this weekend. I had wanted to include some graphics of the games I pre-ordered, but I decided that I didn’t have a way to do so in the way I wanted. So, I’ll probably rewrite PIC items. Of course, I recently picked up O’Reilly’s Perl and XML book, so maybe I’ll replace mdxiML with XML of some sort. That might be interesting…

Written on May 24, 2002