journal for 2002-05-01

John Lennon

Last weekend, Gloria and I went to our Friendly Local CD Store, Play It Again. Play It Again is great store. It’s very indie/punk oriented, which isn’t exactly my thing, but this means that it’s got a generally cool vibe. I picked up some Dylan and some Kraftwerk, but they didn’t have what I really wanted: “Plastic Ono Band,” John Lennon’s first solo alubm. Please note: this is not an album by “John and Yoko.” I don’t think I could bring myself to buy one of those. I still think of Yoko as “that talentless shrew who ruined everything,” and I wasn’t even alive when the Beatles broke up.

Which brings me to the point. I was listening to “God,” the track on this album where Lennon sings, “I don’t believe in { Buddha, Mantra, Gita }” and so on. His last “don’t believe” is “The Beatles.” This is a famous lyric, and I knew it was coming, but it was still pretty awesome. To me, the Beatles are some kind of immovable, powerful event in the history of music. It is entirely weird to think that they formed, marketed albums, and especially that at some point they broke up and continued to release solo work.

I told my dad how I felt, and asked if he had any salient memories on the topic: “Do you remember when this came out?” His reply, true to his manner, was, “1970.” (Admittedly my wording was poor and he gave a real answer when I made myself clear, but it was funny.)

I want to write more reviews. I don’t want to become some kind of crazy mad reviewer, like those you can find on Amazon, but it’s a good way to give myself a topic to write about. Maybe they’ll eventually become part of my “stuff I own” database. So, anyway, next review: Plastic Ono Band.


I should get some DIMMs in today, so I can up cheshirecat to 128MB, which should be plenty. The memory was $30. I’m getting old; I’m starting to have a hard time believing how cheap hardware is. (“When I was your age, that was a lot of money!” // “Really?” // “No.”)

Also, I’ll hopefully sell off cheshirecat Mk-II to a co-worker. That money, I think, is going into the “new monitor for plumcake” fund. If I had a way, I’d post a shot of its CRT, which is very sad. That CRT used to be on humptydumpty, but what with back up, I couldn’t stand to have a nice-looking desktop on an awful monitor. Now Gloria has the awful monitor, and what kind of husband would I be if I left her with it? So, soon, a new head for plumcake.

Written on May 1, 2002