journal for 2002-04-30


I think I’m nearly done with my first round of heavy coding on Debug. I don’t know if I should feel accomplished—not only is it just a hack on someone else’s code, but it looks (almost) exactly the same from the outside. I’ll set up a history page soon, so that it’s evident that I’ve actually changed things.

Work programming has been slow. I need to implement some timezone changes for the UK to use our ticket tracker, and I’m making a little progress, but mostly I’m stick working on our ERP system. Our ERP system makes me cry. I consider it “the price I pay for the rest of my job.” I like everything about my job except for that system, but it’s slowly becoming more and more of what I do. I keep silently hoping that it magically becomes Someone Else’s Problem so that I can forget about it.

Hopefully, the group of programmers with whom I collaborate will soon formalize its document and project repository. Maybe this will spurn me on to further work on my current projects. It’s been months since I worked on my library software, even.


So, you know, Smallville is a pretty good show. I like it. The recurring characters are all as deep as they need to be, and occasionally a little deeper. (This is a Superman story, so I don’t demand Batman-level depth of realism.) The camera work is good, too, although I’m not sure how I feel about Clark having Airport Scanner Vision.

I’m sick, though, of these ridiculous one-shot villains. Haven’t the people of Smallville yet realized that their world is full of superpowered psycho teenagers? And, really, must all super powers come from Krypto– er, meteor rocks? Superman is going to have a pretty boring career once he realizes that building a big dome over Smallville will rid the world of supervillains forever.

So, as you can gather, I thought tonight’s episode was crap: “I really want to be class president, so I’m going to rub out the competition with a swarm of superbees.” Huh?

Written on April 30, 2002