journal for 2002-04-23

vhosts, vacation, and relocation

This weekend, Gloria and I went back to Boston for some pseudo-vacation. We didn’t stay in a hotel, we were only there for about two days, and we endured an earthquake and a flame-engulfed car. (The car wasn’t ours.) Still, it was a good deal, and we ended with the happy determination that the fun part of living in Boston wasn’t necessarily the living in Boston, but the walking around town together.

Being in Boston was actually pretty decent on its own, though. We hung out with our old roommate and shopped and ate at some of the places we missed. It was pretty great just to be able to get a real bagel that had really been toasted—our local place thinks “toasted” means “warmed.” We picked up some great albums, too. While there are a lot of decent stores around the Lehigh Valley, there’s a serious lack of good used CD or book stores. We got CDs from Tricky, Kraftwerk, and two Bad Religion albums.

I also helped out my old friend by taking some old hardware off of his hands, some of which I had orginally abandoned up there anyway. Chief among this hardware was an OptiPlex GXa; it’s a P2/233, from the days when OptiPleces came in really big, intimidating cases and had almost nothing in them. It’s since become the new cheshirecat, replacing the old Dimension P/200. It’s doing about twice as many BogoMips and its internal NIC frees up an eepro, which is good, at least.

Moving to the new hardware gave me good reason to finally do some reconfiguration on my webserver. I switched to Apache 2.0 a few weeks ago, and for some reason found it about 1,000 times easier to use than 1.3 was. Along with some little changes, I’ve moved all of my URLs (I think) to non-filetype based, using content negotiation. Almost everything still exists only in UTF-8 English HTML, but at least I feel l33ter. More importantly, I finally moved my home page from www/~samael to Does this herald a new age of actually having useful content?


Written on April 23, 2002
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