journal for 2002-04-18


I’m off to Boston tomorrow, and plan to ignore manxome as much as possible. I even got a secondary mx up, just in case. (Thanks, mdxi.)

I got to thinking—and either Eric or Bryan suggested later the same day – that it would be interesting to make an email-to-diary gateway for remote updating. In fact, writing the engine to produce the entries would be pretty simple if all entries were just mbox or Maildir files. Of course, I’m happy with this system, for now. Maybe if I actually keep up with it for more than a few weeks, I’ll consider expansion in that direction.

a digression on the term ‘blog’

WTF is ‘blog’ supposed to mean? I gather it’s a shortened form of ‘weblog,’ but it sounds like it should describe some sort of unpleasant bodily function. Worse is ‘bloggie,’ which is just awful.

A weblog is the file my httpd produces. This is a diary, or a journal. I could stretch, and call it a column. If there were many people posting to it, in discussion, it would be a forum.

I don’t object to the idea of a web journal, per se. I just think that ‘blog’ is a ridiculous name. Of course, I run a domain the name of which 95% of the people I know can’t spell, so go figure.


As I wrote this, I thought that I’d had this discussion before, and that someone had… well, blogged it. So, I finally spent about a half hour rereading old pages, and finally found it on mcn. Oh well. I stand by my fist-shaking.

Written on April 18, 2002